Welcome to the Switchex Homepage

What is Switchex?

Switchex is a completely free easy-to-use World of Warcraft realm switcher. Unlike most realm switchers, Switchex will manually edit your realmlist.wtf to your selected server.

You can visit the Download page to instantly solve all of your WoW realmlist problems. Just remember that it would help me improve the program if you send me feedback, questions, and ideas. Just go to the Support page.

Why Switchex?

Switchex is the one and only World of Warcraft realm switcher that can quickly and easily cater to your needs. It's simple for users who want simple, and packed with features for users who want plenty of utilities.


  • Manage a list of your favorite servers with names, IP addresses, websites, required patch, ratings, and notes
  • Manage multiple World of Warcraft installations with profiles; keep a separate list of servers for every profile
  • Check if servers are online
  • Manage your installed addons
  • Visit top server websites that keep lists of the top World of Warcraft private servers, voted on by the users
  • Visit World of Warcraft guides and wikis
  • Check your current server, patch, and installation directory straight from the main window
  • Open game folders directly from the main window
  • In-depth options dialog with buttons to create backups, export your servers and profiles as XML, and other miscellaneous options

Portable Version

You can also install Switchex on a portable device. Just install it on your device and ensure that the target computer has the latest version of the .NET runtime installed.